Bridge fund

Our vision is focused on a transactional model in which we commit private equity, enable accountability practices and optimize the business culture. Our exit is aimed towards facilitating the transfer of the company to a new investment fund or strategic buyer.

We minimize the opportunity cost incurred by the investor when looking to place capital in four stages:

Search of opportunities We keep a portfolio of audited businesses ready to receive investment.
Control We take control of the companies in our portfolio and align their interests with the objective of prospective investors.
Transparency We provide a virtual platform with a high level of organization of all relevant information to facilitate the due diligence process.
Certainty We implement corporate governance practices in the companies; and during the process, trust and assurance is given to the investor through our alliance with firms of international presence in the legal and tax field.

In the family-owned businesses with whom we collaborate, we diagnose and correct existing contingencies in their business model. We quantify the industry potential, develop the business plan and carry out a competitive process among potential buyers.

Investment process

15 days - 1 month


15 días - 1 mes

  • Opportunity pipeline creation.
  • Analysis and selection of investment alternatives.
  • Alignment of interests.
  • Construction of value expectations and projections.
  • Execution of partnership agreement.

4 - 6 months


4 - 6 months

  • Implementation of corporate governance practices under ILPA and ICGN principles.
  • Encouragement of accountability and improvement of the management and operation of the business.
  • Identification and correction of contingencies.
  • Normalization of information.

1 - 2 months


1 - 2 meses

  • Accrual potential buyers or strategic partners.
  • Competitive process among selected candidates to invest or acquire the company.
  • Management of indicative offers.
  • Accomplishment of a binding offer.