Unities Alliance Group is a subsidiary of EFM Capital, which was funded approximately six years ago after the sale of a family business to a transnational company. EFM Capital is a solution that family businesses have when owners want to sell or divest, whatever the reason is. It is a humane and experienced team in structuring and perfecting this business model.

EFM Capital comes in what we call the “Unities” model, which allows owners to sell their company to an existing company with a corporate structure. This company is Unities Alliance Group. We target medium-sized family businesses with an approximate billing of USD10-20 million per year, and we consolidate them into Unities Alliance Group, which has a larger billing and size, bigger leverage possibilities, higher possibilities of penetration in other markets, and the ability to create economies of scale within the group.

The Business Year, 07/08/2019

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