Venture Capital Private Equity Conference (VCPE) celebrated its 25th anniversary last Saturday at Harvard Business School, where more than a thousand professionals and students assisted to discuss the most pressing issues the investing industry faces today.

VCPE featured some of the most prominent characters to analyze the current state of Venture Capital and Private Equity; PhD. Félix Cárdenas, Partner and Innovation Director of EFM Capital, participated in the panel “Investing Internationally” where he gave a lecture about our business model.

Everardo Hiarmes, director of investments and EFM Capital, also attended the event with Cárdenas. “I felt proud to be the only Mexican in the panel and represent EFM Capital; talking about Mexico being the second economy in Latin America, and about the USMCA as well as the decree to promote the list of companies in the stock market, seemed to be an interesting topic”, said Cárdenas.

The panel was moderated by Naziim Ziikha, Partner of DeChert LPP and had the participation of Denis Barrier, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cathay Innovation; David Gross-Loh, Managing Director and Co-Head of Asia of Bain Capital.

Also Farah Khan, Partner of L Ctterton; Bryce Fort, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Emerging Capital Partners and Rodrigo Boscolo, Managing Director and CFO of GP Investments.