EFM Capital merged with a group of companies in the Unities Alliance cross-platform as a strategic part of growth.

The regional investment fund EFM Capital enlists its entry into the Stock Exchange with the merger of a group of companies in the Unities Alliance cross-platform.

“We are looking to place EFM Capital in public markets as an organization that buys and sells companies, while Unities is going to be the platform that will continue to incorporate companies,” said Óscar Morales, CEO of EFM Capital.

According to Morales, this merger is part of its growth strategy and will allow original business owners to become shareholders.

In just 11 months EFM Capital managed to unify 11 companies with joint sales that exceed 100 million dollars a year.

Félix Cárdenas, partner and innovation director of the fund, stressed that the merger process achieves synergies that create greater sales opportunities. As well as reducing costs by about 30 percent and generate a greater flow that is reflected in dividends towards shareholders.

Regarding its entry into the Stock Exchange, Cárdenas commented that they have approached the two options that exist in the Mexican market: the Institutional Stock Exchange and the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The definition of one of these two will be carried out based on which option best meets the needs and generates greater value for its shareholders, said Morales, CEO.

This investment fund also has an internationalization plan that involves incorporating companies from other countries.

The directors of EFM Capital have already had approaches with companies from Colombia and Argentina, in addition to opening offices in Europe.

EFM Capital is a fund aimed at serving family businesses and has carried out operations such as the purchase of Gorditas Doña Tota and its subsequent sale to Femsa Comercio for 120 million dollars.