Dr. Félix Cárdenas, Partner at Unities Alliance Group and Board Member at EFM Capital, was guest speaker at IE Business School in Madrid and IESE Business School in Barcelona Spain. His presentations focus on an innovative private equity model where family businesses as alternative assets scale to form a publicly traded company. EFM announced it will open a branch office and trade stock in Spain.

The move comes as part of the international expansion by the company, which is looking to increase its presence in Europe, and it will enter the stock market on fourth quarter this year.

During his presentation, Dr. Cárdenas showcase an innovative business model, which allows family businesses to merge, and business owners receive shares of the larger public company.

“The merger process allows SBUs for cross selling revenue synergies, while reducing the cost of operations, management expenses, and it guarantees transparency and compliance with regulatory authorities. Also, it offers company founders the flexibility to decide when to sell their shares as they can choose to remain shareholders having returns through dividends and spinoffs”, said Cárdenas.

Within this model, EFM Capital, through Unities Alliance Group, acquires companies which can be put together in a single consortium. However, a stock swap allows the founders of each company is able to keep a share, thanks to public trading in stock exchange.