Félix Cárdenas, council’s member of EFM Capital, told that had been in touch with many Sudamerican companies, Argentinian and Brazilian, mainly.

Family Mexican Enterprizes Capital (EFM, by their acronym in spanish), a private fund focused on financing family businesses, is keeping an eye on South America, mainly in Brazil.

The experience of the regional investment fund EFM Capital wants to reach Brazil, taking advantage of local talent for the development of partnerships with business owners in the country.

In order to improve more family businesses, breaking with the traditional investment fund schemes, EFM Capital was born after the decision of Grupo Femsa to buy Doña Tota’s family business, which began selling ‘gorditas’ in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas and grew to expand 200 branches in Mexico and Texas.

Unlike other funds that provide the tools to raise capital with other investors, EFM Capital finances the companies it selects with its own resources, in order to improve them and subsequently sell them, in addition to helping them establish their corporate governance.

Thus, capital fund executives traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to understand the financial ecosystem of the South American country, whose economy is twice that of Mexico, the fund said in a statement.

Although at the moment the priority of EFM Capital is to place itself in Spain and exit its investments through public markets, such as the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) or Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA), Félix Cárdenas, member of the board of EFM Capital, said they have approached South American companies to join their Unities Alliance Group platform.

“There is the challenge of language, but we see that there is a lot of talent,” Cárdenas said in the document.