“What we want is to build a brand and position ourselves as the firm that made this model possible”

When we talk about entrepreneurship and Mexicans seeking to excel in the country, we have to talk about EFM Capital, a unique investment fund that seeks to attract many companies and concentrate them in a single consortium.

Such has been the success of this new capital fund- integrated by Dr. Felix Cárdenas and Everardo Hiarmes, founding partner and director of investments respectively – that was presented last February 20th at the 25th anniversary of the Conference of Venture Capital Funds that is organized by Harvard Business School every year.

There, Cárdenas and Hiarmes explained that observing and negotiating with small companies from a different angle is, to a large extent, the formula for their success.

«Some companies sell in dollars, some other companies have abundance in assets … when we evaluated them separately and saw that each one had at least one of those attributes, even though separately they might not be so attractive, when combined into a single company, we started to imagine a company that showed all these attributes; you get a company strongly diversified into sectors, diversified into currencies, with an interesting size «, Hiarmes explained, about EFM Capital’s strategy.

After Cárdenas and Hiarmes evaluate a company and highlight its potential, the challenge is to acquire, and that is the key to its methodology factor, because it does not leave out the sellers, rather it guarantees that they will be the investors of the new mega company.

«Instead of handing a check to each of these companies, we give you shares of the company that is going to become the holding company, so in other words the original shareholder no longer owns a small company but is a shareholder of a large company», says the director of investments.

By maximizing the output value of each company, more potential costumers are looking for EFM Capital to be part of this project. Dr. Cardenas says they are ready for an ambitious expansion.

“We are getting ready to list the company in the public stock exchange market by the end of this year 2019 … we expect EFM Capital and Unities to extend out of Mexico to establish offices particularly in Spain and the United States, in this primary stage» Dr. Cárdenas pointed out.

EFM Capital sold one million dollars in January 2018, and only a year later managed to sell 100 million dollars in the capital market, now seeking to reach Europe, North America and Africa.